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Project Description
Roll The Dice is a simple game played by 2 players; human against computer. In this game each player will be given a pair of dice and they could set various bets by multiples of 100 for every rolling. The minimum value for each bet is 100 while the maximum value depends on how much money is had by the players.
The game will be over if one already has no money at all ($0), so the other one will absolutely be the winner. And in other condition, one could also be the winner if could reach $5000. It's just which condition happens first decides.

How to play this game:
1.) Each player will be given a pair of dice.
2.) Determine how much your bet.
3.) And then click the "Roll the Dice" button.
3.) Player who have larger number of dice, the amount of his money will increase according to the amount that he bet on. And player who have less number of dice will lose his money according to the amount that he bet on.


We know that this project still has some lacks, thus we're highly appreciate every critics or comments from you.

Roll The Dice is developed by Erika Enggar Savitri and Queen Anugerah Aguslia; 2 students who are currently studying Information System at Ma Chung University (Malang, Indonesia). And also guided by Mr. Soetam Rizky Wicaksono as the preceptor. This program is made with Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition.

Supported by:
Ma Chung University
Information System Department

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